Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Bio-Energetic Medicine & Holistic Self-Healing are the crucial needed tools for our survival !

Our life's are changing very fast these day's because the world is in a fast spinning changing vortex and the poles are shifting.
Many of us experiencing high stress levels,emotional crisis and sirious health chalanges on top all those frustrating economical break downs world wide.

You know that just to many different factors playing a part in this worldly disaster/scenario and burden us and our families.

Now we are in need of conscious solutions to clear of those energies from our system to stay stronger in the cold winds of distructions.

Start within your self... start to get stronger ...BE THAT CHANGE YOU LOVE TO SEE , the world need right now!

Energy balancing with earthing frequencies is a fast circulating energy/frequency which can reload and balance your physical condition in a couple minutes !

(walk barefoot,hug a tree, swim in the ocean,lay down flat in the grass, bath in spring water/clean rivers and hug loving people)

Conscious supplementation rich in chlorophyll producing oxygen and holistic rejuvenation programs are needed, boosting us daily to be optimal prepared against those negative/health distracting forces all around us.

Our perfect created immunity and a conscious lifestyle will assist us to work around the chemicalized food , the compromized drinking water and way to many(pushed on us)synthetic(so called medical 8 for 1 side effect)drugs.

Email me so I can show you ways to avoid having your body and mind powers poisened.

Be aware of those silent killers...and how they used as depopulation tools working on us.

Through the permanent (unescapable ) electro magnetic radiation we are daily exposed to..... DNA damaging microvaves attacking daily our nervous wonder that it feels now also a permanent high B pressure and can not calm down /rest /heal in the night reload with energy!.

Millions suffering with insomnia/sleeping problems because this silent 20.7 frequency invasion of our world just never stops?

We all need sometimes a conscious calming break to charge our batteries
and find back some inner peace to let our bodies own healing abilities (simply and naturally) work.

As you should know that we are all master pieces of creation.
It is our birth right and we got infinite possibilities to create happiness & healing inside/around us at anytime!

You should know by now and feel that a holistic therapy consciously put together for your mind and body is exactly what it's needed.

I am here to share my love and light creating universal wellness, presenting an example to inspire/remind anyone I connect with by a devine purpose....
that we all are amazing powerful healers.

email me(see above) or call me @876 795 5080 or 484 1165 or
US fl area code : 786 463 5189

What do I have for you to gain....

I studied for us for more then 25 years now with great interest in " The Art of Natural Self-Healing.

Then I finally came across the most important question:
What is really wrong with us?

Gratefully devoted my life to find cures for specially so called uncurable diseases...because I can not accept that our master of creation ... master of perfection mad a mistakes with our life /health/body/immune systems !

He created our body to at leased last for 140 years... in perfect functions.... so..

50 Humbling years of researching the real cause of all ailments I realized there is only one thing wrong ...that most of us completely ignore...this so most important fact:" MIND OVER MATTER " !

Conscious Conclusion:

~ * First treat the mind (see below how *)with a holistic body, mind spirit alignment/ emotional blockae releasing technique to over write negative programs from your child hood. (we all have accumulated/try to denial them)
Than the matter will heal automatically specially when combined with a health conscious lifestyle change!

Time for a health conscious lifestyle ,
My presents in this Caribbean tropical invironment and my organic garden paradiese inspired and clearly motivated me into the development of healing/herbal formulars for all ailments i.e: para cleanse, detoxification/colon cleansing and delicious health food recipes...give me the second key to succeed.

I came across many so amazing healing tools and herbal remedies on my journey to wholness/health and happiness of serving.

As I felt the great needs of true organic, gentle processed (always alive indestructibly free energy /zero point energies (health human cell structure) blueprint frequency loaded) supplements of cause started to create many myself and feel so blessed as many more inspirations to come.
Come and check out my:
great sleep head drops
Sinus cleanse nasal rinse
Skin healing oils
Opti health capsules
Power green healing force ...just to mention a few.

My conscious action plan was an optimum health concept based on 2 crucial steps:

let a loving heart H.H.P. Holistic Health Practitioner/Therapist assist you to release all your (in your lifetime accumulated)emotional blockages to set the mind free from self sabotaging thought/behavior pattern by reconnecting with your true spiritual inner being .

combined with an individual put together physical body detox/cleanse/rejuvenation health plan you will revitalize the then freely natural happening
self-healing (automated cell rejuvenation)!

Never say not possible ... we are a strong team and on the right track to a blissful life !

I see result and confirmations through hundreds of my sometimes so fast recovering /health improving clients.
Harmony Gardens in Jamaica provides anyone interested and willing to invest in their healthy and happy future with detailed healing protocols for all known ailment.
There is always a way....100% natural to reverse any ailment/bad condition of mind of body or spirit.
Holistic solutions work fast and efficient even for unknown diseases.
Please check us out ,never give up !

Try a conscious consulting with any of your concerns your Doctor may given up on!

My team and me love to see you happy again and offer you very interesting services to feel strong,healthy & renergized very soon again.

Choose what feels right for you or combine for best results !

* Bio Energetic alignment /astounding instant
Frequencies changes/rejuvenation into
cellular levels for an instant pain relieve,
anxiety/stress release ( 45 min. hands on /US$ 100 )

* Emotional blockages releasing with REB
(amazing breaking through Therapy, 2,5 hour/US$ 300 )
guarantied instant release of organ blockages
and the most powerful reset/overwrite tool of
a negative/self sabotaging believe system.

* unique counseling/meditation session to access
the true power of being in the NOW !(1 hour healing
words/frequencies exchange /US$ 70 )
also online via skype or phone possible

* Ayurvedic pancha karma /healing massages combined
with the power of applied healing frequencies /through
a meditative thought control of therapist ( 1,5 hours/$ US 120)
Incl.dosha test choosen herbal oils, aroma and music therapy and a Matcha tea refreshments after.

I offer easy and convinient online skype or phone sessions for resonable rates
are you ready for a lovely get away to get well trip down to sunny Jamaica ?
Message , call or email me and we take it from there .

Phone : 876 484 1165
or : 876 796 5080

US Florida area code: 786 463 5189

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Sigrid Gaffga-Ribbe

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Harmony Gardens offers a unique health care service & holistic therapies

We have accomplished partially our mission and studied with great passion over 26 years to offer you now :

- cutting edge therapies and treatments to regain your optimal health!

Every moment of our life is so valuable so why suffering with ailments or being on drugs for the rest of our life's

When you finaly realize that your are a natural miracle it self... as you are an masterpiece of creation ...with an amazing self healing system... you must trust in natural healing techniques as it is the only/gentle way to assist your body to health it self from any ailment!

We are here for you to share our knowledge and wisdom of ancient healing techniques and the newest breaking through mind stimulating/deprogramming therapies available on the planet.

We have for your optimal health programs ...and you deserve the very best services so you can choose.

- ancient wisdom/anti aging supplements
- astounding techniques to heal yourself anywhere at anytime
- holistic treatments/alignments based on cellular stimulation/reactivation
- Bio-Energetic Medicine (non invasive 100% natural way of healing from within)
- lifestyle transforming counseling sessions (phone or skype)
- wellcation in Jamaica for you to get away to get well:-)
- Cancer prevention & reversal/bio-chemo therapy protocol's
- Breaking through emotional blockages release technique
- Bio-energetic alignments of mind body & spirit (manual hands on)
- Self heal protocols for all known (incl. all so called incurable)ailments
- healing tools for your ever day healing work at home or office/clinic
- pure organic (all purpose) healing herbs /supplements and cleansing products
to get your body & mind back in perfect shape !

You can choose a convenient online or visit us in Jamaica just email us to get started.

We are specialist in:
Luxury wellness therapies packages /concepts for wellness resorts and natural health care facilities

Phone services are offered throughout the US, Canada , Europe and Jamaica
Just in 1(one)hour anyone can experience natural Self-healing via a skype online sessions!

Create the life you really deserve.. let us show you how to deprogram you believe create a blissful life NOW !

Schedule ...your first online sessions simply by sending your appointment request email to : and start a new happier and healthier life ...

Cost for 60 minutes session packed with unconditional love and bio energetic alignments
$ 100 US
90 minutes /$ 130 US
payable via paypal ,Alert pay or money wire Western Union.

Sharing /serving /supporting you now with unconditional love/care finally find back your optimum health...happiness & energy into your life will simply complete our mission successfully through this amazing blessing.

If you love to learn how to create inner peace and real happiness from deep within.What are you waiting for ??

We are here for anyone...who love to change their lifestyle habits, ride your self's of chronic ailments medication and past emotional blockages /burden ?!

We are truly blessed to be able now to fulfill our mission/assist you to find inner peace and healing for your happy life.

Conscious health researches deliver you now comprehensive holistic health programs to reverse any ailment and our team work every day on the development of the most amazing natural organic herbal products for anyone to regain/maintain a perfect balanced energy/health.
So check us again to find out what cooking in " Mother Natures " lab today :-)

Harmony Gardens was created by Sigrid Ribbe HHP in 2002

She came across (on her journey to wholeness) many great teachers like...her very health conscious parents who started from 1945 already to develop natural healing foods/cleansing programs and raised the whole family of 5 children on mostly raw foods.
After this healthy and strong foundation...Sigrid got deeply attracted and inspired by the work of :

Albert Einstein , Hippocrates , Pythagoras , Walter Sommer , Dalai Lama , Alan Cohan & mind master Eckhart Tolle ...

Sigrid has 3 beautiful Daughters (her managers) who understand and support here mission 100%.
She is very grateful to be able to have learned from them all a great lesson for life!

When we think we know it has always a surprise for us...and find out quickly that we still only know a fraction of what it really mean to be alife!

Imagine that there are so much more wonderful gifts life has waiting for you ...that you might not even have begun to receive?

Infinite possibilities / amazing opportunities are waiting come and open up to receive!
discover your self and your true beautiful unique gift's to create real happiness & success in not only our life's... no... imagine to be that light and lovely example for your family and friends our creator has intended for you to be ?

Let us give you a hand... to make the first step on your journey of self~discovery ...self~realization-break out of the shell of programmed illusions about your self/your life now!

Are you are ready ....

If you don't have skype on your PC .. simple download the program @ ,add sigrid.ribbe / Holistic Health Session to your friends list
(get a head set and a mini pc camera)(if you don't have a build in one) and we can start anytime.

Send your Session request email to to make your appointment to your convenience.

We promise that as soon you start and learn to love yourself's enough will find the energy to bring out the needed effort to take up any task finally actualize .. a change for the better in our life's

We hear so often these days that we are suffering with emotional baggage and burden which are blocking our mind from making conscious decision in our life's ... and yes this is the biggest issues humans of today suffering with when unrecognized.

Harmony Gardens offer one of the most effective emotional release techniques available in an astounding 2.5 hours session called REB session developed in 2001
by Holistic Health Practitioner Sigrid Ribbe

This easily and very gentle REB (Releasing Emotional Blockages) therapy/counseling/training) releases all organ blockages in just one session and enables instantly your bodies self-healing system to re-boost and start working 100% again.

People are amazed when the come out of this session...and feel like new born and free..ready to start a new happy healthy and very successful life

Cost for a session US $ 300

What is holding YOU back from loving your wonderful self ?
...If you can not figure it out alone ...
...let us kindly assist you with an easy Skype online Self-love discovery session !

call US / Fl: 786 463 5189 or (876) 952-25 93 or cell: (876) 796-5080
email @

Make the right decision and invest consciously in your health / life by letting us pamper you on you next amazing Well~cation in the topical paradise Jamaica !
We love to lecture international for you and your followers , or organise with you a workshops/lifestyle transformational cooking classes packed with tropical delicacies your guest will be instantly in love with :-)Researched/Experience over 26 years for your benefit in:natural healing & gourmet health food delicacies

Montag, 14. März 2011

Holistic- Online- Health via Skype Consultations/ Therapies

Holistic Online Consultations and amazing effective Therapies for all ailments are via Skype finally Worldwide available

Harmony Gardens Jamaica has for anyone an effective solution ...if you suffer from Panic Attacks and General Anxiety?

Are You in the Victim mood ? suffering with depressions and anxiety?

There is hope and help out here for you ............

Holistic emotional alignments can assist you instandly to change how you feel, and the best is you can have your alignments in the Comfort of Your own Home?

Online Therapy are based in Jamaica (25 years of experience in the workfield of psycho somatic illness) will now provides a really convenient solution in which you can work with a professional techniques simply online through Skype using amazing effective methods of bio-energetic Therapy.

Our online Therapy is international available We are also offering thelephone sessions ( USA/Canada )....

But the holistic online Therapies are faster/easy to apply and through a visual contact better than traditional "just talking therapies".

Our clients notice significant improvements in 2-4 sessions of our therapies in their overal conditions, which makes this a very cost-effective approach.

The standard are 60-90min sessions, which cost only $100/130.
You will feel very peaceful and relaxed after each session.

Our gentle aproch to sooth your body mind and spirit (very conforting in your own home) is also recommend to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression."

Many of our clients have confirmed that they actually feld such great improfments that they reduce or got completely of medications and stoped fearing their possible side-effects.

We are here to assist with love and light and know that even just a few online sessions can give you the needed tools to create the charge of your life you desire.

Read our blog and find out how you can learn to self love and self heal anyailment in your body!

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you. This is your chance to tell us about your needs and ask your questions about Online Mindfulness Therapy.

You can email us for your appointment :

or call : US Fl. 786 4635189

or direct in Jamaica : 876 484 1165
also visit

About Us Holistic online Therapy are perfect for all ailments and General Anxiety/Panic Attacks

As a provider of Online Therapy, we take pride in offering the most conscious Counseling and Therapy available for all forms of depression ,anxiety, including Panic Attacks.

With a few sessions you can boost your immune system and we teach you how to stimmulate your thymus for an energy booster on a daily base.

Negative thoughts can create sirious ailments and even damage your bone marrow ...let us help you to change your thought pattern into blissfull thinking:-))

We are capable of assisting you to build your Self-confidence and Self-esteem, which are often severely eroded by chronic anxiety.

We are specialist in removal of emotional blockages and selfdoubt

If you feel sad too often, you should start now to learn how to create happiness from within.
We can help preventing depression, as has been shown is several published studies.

Online alignment sessions are also one of the best new approaches for stress management,and instand pain releave !

We over amazing techniques to balance your body mind and spirit and counteract any form of fear stress in a fe minutes

get more details Sigrid Ribbe HHP : 876 484 1165

Who is your friendly and lovely Therapist ?

Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P. was born 50 years ago in Germany , educated through auto didactic studies over 25 years in the field of natural health and healing.

Sigrid lives in Montego Bay Jamaica, where she teaches and offers here amazing holistic Therapies to anyone seeking for health and healing.

She has started here healthcare services over 18 years ago in Germany befor she followed here dreams and moved to the tropica herbal paradise Jamaica .
She is the the Founder of Harmony Gardens Jamaica and is specialist in Psycho somatic aliments and developed natural Cancer therapies/protocls.

Harmony Gardens offer a unique form of emotional balancing and bio energetic alignments for a fast change of the bodies own selfhealing energies.

REB is an astounding effective therapy to ride you of all emotional traumas from your past and a self sabotaging behavior pattern.

Start a new bright life and contact us when you are ready...
I am happy to assist

Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P.

email : always healthy33@gmail,com

also visit our self healing discovering web blog vor detailed information on the uniques techniqyes and teachings we work with

How to Schedule your Skype Session ?

Simply begin by sending us an EMAIL to :
Feel free to describe the emotional problems that you are struggling with, and ask any questions you may have about our holistic Online Therapies.

Or contact Us via phone : US Florida area code: 786 463 5189

Thank you for visiting our website.

Please contact us to request more information

Hours for Skype Sessions are Mon-Fri 10.00 am- 10 pm

Let us know what times works best.

Sessions are 60 or 90min and cost $100 or 130 US

Payable via paypal upfront or money wire western union.